About The Weber Boys

Here at The Weber Boys, we stay true to our one and only rule... HAVE FUN! In attempts to lighten the mood and spark some interesting thoughts, we created the Socially Awkward Podcast. Whether you are socially awkward or not, we are a community for all. So kick your feet up, take a load off and tune in to next week's episode.


Justin Weber


With a stone-cold demeanor, Justin brings an interesting perspective to the table. Maybe he'll take you down a windy road with philosophical thought, or he'll make you slap your knee with a killer dad joke. Honestly depends on the day. Justin does not condone any form of walky-talky humor, cat humor, baby humor, or bodily fluid humor.



Zac Weber


Also known as Z, Zac is a tall drink of water who often finds himself in deep thought. When he is not complaining about Instagram, he's on it. He enjoys his coffee black, a nice read, and a good joke. If you stick around long enough, he may tell you one. Keep the earmuffs close when it’s his turn with the mic.